noesisHUB labs

NoesisHUB labs form a series of integrated educational courses and multilayer activities, combining theory and practice from the scientific field, as well as engineering and technology.

It is delivered exclusively by the scientific team of noesisHUB, comprising highly qualified researchers and trainers, who visit the trainees at their own environment and deliver the courses (cycles of thematic laboratories) using state-of-art laboratory equipment, provided by noesisHUB.

The goal is for the trainees to get to know and be involved with STEAM and educational robotics, as well as their introduction and familiarization with (mainly) open technologies of hardware and software. The aim is the pedagogical capitalization of modern technologies and practices, such as visual programming, which have been developed in internationally well-esteemed institutes (ΜΙΤ, Berkeley, Cambridge, etc.), in combination with novel computer systems and 3D Modelling & 3D printing methods.

The educational thematic laboratories are conducted with small lab teams (lab-based group), making optimal use of the benefits of the pedagogical approach of action plans (project-based) and aiming at the active participation of all trainees through the team (team-based learning) and among equals (peer-to-peer). This is followed by pedagogically and scientifically documented analysis of thematic sections, which emerge from the combination of innovative technologies with concepts derived from all levels of education, depending on the specific lab cycle attended, preparing the students properly for the constantly evolving and demanding academic and work environment.

The novelty of the educational courses of noesisHUB labs is their lab characteristics, thus providing to the participants the chance to obtain laboratory training and ability for self-motivation and action, understand research methodology, conquer techniques, technical and social skills and learn how to integrate educational robotics into their everyday life.