noesisHUB math

NoesisHUB math is a set of activities aiming at the cultivation and development of the Mathematical Thinking of the participants, and the promotion of the beauty of Maths, as well as other sciences (Physics, Theoretical Computer Science etc.) and related fields (Economics and Management Sciences etc.), throughout a series of gamified entertainment activities.

Indicatively, activities through which our educational program is implemented, are: individual and team games with mathematical background, riddles, solving of logic puzzles (mathematical or not), strategic planning and decision making, mathematical paradoxes, projections and proposals of inspiring movies.

It is addressed to all students, depending on their age, regardless of their school performance. It invites them to a fun way of discovering techniques, formulas and norms by themselves, proving wrong the impression that Sciences are a set of rules that someone has to learn by heart, without understanding. This way self-confidence and powerful mental background is built, supporting students within the school environment and beyond that.

For students wishing to do so, we also offer preparation and guidance towards various mathematical contests taking place in national and international level.